8. Infectious Disease

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“Bacteria, just like any other life form, need energy to survive, multiply, and colonize. Patients with uncontrolled diabetes have high sugar content in their sweat and connective tissues, which can…

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7. Hematology

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“There are about 25 trillion red blood cells packed inside a single human body—line them side by side and they will circle the earth 15 times. This astoundingly large surface…

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3. Pulmonology

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“The act of breathing is living” 3.1 Acute Respiratory Failure Acute onset of shortness of breath (SOB) or acute respiratory decompensation is a common emergency condition. This can occur due…

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2. Endocrinology

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“It is not stress that kills Addison, it is the absence of reaction to it.” 2.1 Disorders of the Anterior Pituitary Gland (Adenohypophysis) Abbreviations: GHRH, growth hormone releasing hormone; GH,…

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