Hepatitis Viruses

Chapter 27

Hepatitis Viruses

General Properties (Table 27-1)

• The hepatitis viruses (types A to E) are a diverse group of viruses that infect the liver, resulting in mild to severe acute disease (all types) and chronic disease (types B, C, and D).

Transmission and onset of hepatitis


Common clinical manifestations of acute hepatitis


II Hepatitis A Virus (HAV)



Hepatitis A disease (infectious hepatitis)

Laboratory diagnosis

Prevention and treatment

III Hepatitis B Virus


1. HBV is a small, enveloped virus with a circular, partially double-stranded DNA genome.

2. HBV encodes a reverse transcriptase, which is carried in the virion particle.

3. Only human virus belonging to the family Hepadnaviridae.

4. Unlike most enveloped viruses, HBV virion (Dane particle) is resistant to low pH, moderate heating, and detergents.

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