Large Enveloped RNA Viruses

Chapter 24

Large Enveloped RNA Viruses



Shared pathogenic properties

1. Entry into target cells

2. Target cells

3. Formation of multinucleated cells (syncytia)

4. Host immune responses:

Measles virus (Box 24-1)

1. Overview

2. Measles clinical manifestations

3. Complications of measles infection

• Secondary bacterial infections can cause pneumonia, which accounts for 60% of deaths from measles infection.

• Acute postinfectious encephalitis, an immune-mediated demyelinating disease, has a mortality rate of 15%.

• SSPE, a rare, slow viral infection occurring months to years after primary infection, is caused by defective measles virus in the brain.

4. Laboratory identification

5. Transmission

6. Prevention and treatment

Mumps virus (see Box 24-1)

1. Overview

2. Mumps clinical manifestations

• Infection with mumps virus often is asymptomatic or accompanied by mild nonspecific symptoms.

• Fever, sudden onset of bilateral swelling of the parotid glands (parotitis), and redness and swelling of the ostium of Stensen duct mark acute disease.

• Orchitis, oophoritis, pancreatitis, and CNS infection may occur after a few days.

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