Metastatic Tumor Cells

V.J.001 Breast Carcinoma


Metastatic breast carcinoma. Marrow film. Cluster of breast carcinoma cells.

V.J.002 Breast Carcinoma


Breast Carcinoma. Metastatic breast carcinoma. Marrow biopsy. This marrow biopsy shows poorly differentiated metastatic breast carcinoma from a patient with a history of infiltrating lobular carcinoma. Superficially, these tumor cells resemble plasma cells.

V.J.003 Breast Carcinoma


Metastatic Breast Carcinoma Cells. (A) Marrow concentrate film. Note large cells with very large nuclei and heavily vacuolated cytoplasm. (B) Marrow biopsy. Cluster of large cells with very large nuclei and bold nucleoli. Vacuolated cytoplasm around the nuclear outlines.

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