Adrenal Cystic Lymphangioma

Cystic lymphangiomas are rare benign vascular tumors that arise from lymphatic endothelial cells and usually are located in the neck or axilla. Adrenal cystic lymphangiomas are rare benign vascular lesions that usually remain asymptomatic throughout life. Although in the past adrenal cystic lymphangiomas were found primarily at autopsy, over the past three decades they are detected more frequently during life because of the widespread use of computed imaging. Herein we share such a case of a patient with an incidentally discovered adrenal cystic lymphangioma.

Case Report

The patient was a 24-year-old woman referred for evaluation of an incidentally discovered left adrenal mass. An episode of persistent diarrhea led to an abdominal computed tomography (CT) scan on which a cystic 5.2 × 4.5 × 5.0–cm left adrenal mass with peripheral calcifications was found ( Fig. 72.1 ). The cystic process appeared to arise from the adrenal gland. The patient was healthy and took no regular medications. There was no history of back trauma or flank discomfort. She was at ideal body weight and had regular menstrual cycles and no hirsutism. She had never been treated with anticoagulants and did not take aspirin.

Fig. 72.1

Axial image (left) and coronal image (right) from contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) scan. In the left upper retroperitoneum there was a 6.0 × 5.3 × 5.7–cm nonenhancing cystic lesion (arrows) . The unenhanced CT attenuation was 20.1 Hounsfield units. There was a small amount of peripheral wall calcification. No septations or solid components were seen. The lesion abutted the posterior stomach, spleen, and tail of the pancreas without evidence of invasion.

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