Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

VIII.D.001 T(1;19)(q23;p13.3) G-Banding


t(1;19)(q23;p13.3) G-banding. Arrows indicate sites of translocation.

VIII.D.002 Dup(1)(q12-21) G-Banding


dup(1)(q12-21) G-banding. Arrow indicates duplication of chromosome 1.

VIII.D.003 T(8q24) (MYC gene). FISH


t(8q24) (MYC gene). FISH. Probe for 3-prime (red) and 5-prime (green) segment of the MYC gene. (A) Normal cell. Two fused signals indicating appropriate juxtaposition of the 3- and 5-prime segments. (B) Abnormal cell. One fused red-green signal (normal chromosome 8). Split red and green signal of the MYC gene, indicating translocation involving chromosome 8 at band q24.

VIII.D.004 T(4:11)(q21;q23) G-Banding


t(4:11)(q21;q23) G-banding. Arrows indicate translocation. Note also other abnormalities (e.g. trisomy 20, 22, monosomy 10, lost Y chromosome and derived chromosome (A)).

VIII.D.005 Del(6)(q15-q22) G-Banding


del(6)(q15-q22) G-banding. Arrow indicates deletion on long arm of chromosome 6.

VIII.D.006 I(7)(q10) G-Banding


i(7)(q10) G-banding. Arrow indicates i7q. Note other abnormalities (e.g. trisomy 1, 3, 6, 15, 17, 19, missing Y, monosomy 13, and other abnormalities (A).

VIII.D.007 I(7)(q10) FISH


i(7)(q10) FISH. Probe for the centromere of chromosome 7 (green) and subtelomere of chromosome 7q (red). (A) Normal interphase cell. Two red signals and two green signals. (B) Abnormal interphase cell. Two green signals for two chromosome 7 and three red signals for 7q subtelomere. (C) Abnormal cell with probe for 7p subtelomere (green). Only one signal for 7p noted. The FISH results indicate the presence of two chromosome 7 with three q arms and one p arm, abbreviated i(7)(q10) (interphase preparation).

VIII.D.008 Trisomy 8 (+8). G-banding


Trisomy 8 (+8). G-banding. Arrow indicates trisomy 8.

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