History taking


History taking

Abnormalities of the blood are associated with a wide range of symptoms and these are discussed in detail under diagnostic headings in subsequent sections. The intention of this section is to give an overview of history taking in patients with blood disorders. Despite the advent of sophisticated laboratory equipment to test blood, a thorough history remains fundamental to accurate diagnosis. In practice the history may precede and then follow the knowledge of a laboratory test abnormality. Whatever the order of events, only by considering symptoms, physical signs and laboratory results in conjunction can the correct conclusion be reached and the patient be managed in the appropriate psychosocial setting (Fig 7.1).

History of the presenting complaint

Patients may be asymptomatic and have an unpredictable abnormality detected on a routine blood count. Other patients present to the doctor with complaints dependent on the nature of the change in the blood. Some will have several blood abnormalities and present with a large number of symptoms. Despite this complexity it is possible to highlight some common groups of symptoms (Table 7.1).

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