Introductory Notes

The classifications apply to carcinomas of the skin, [excluding vulva (see Gynaecological Tumours), and penis (see Urological Tumours), and perianal skin (see Gastrointestinal Tumours)], to malignant melanomas of the skin including eyelid and to Merkel cell carcinoma.

Anatomical Sites

The following sites are identified by ICD‐O‐3 topography rubrics:

  • Lip (excluding vermilion surface) (C44.0)
  • Eyelid (C44.1)
  • External ear (C44.2)
  • Other and unspecified parts of face (C44.3)
  • Scalp and neck (C44.4)
  • Trunk excluding anal margin and perianal skin (C44.5)
  • Upper limb and shoulder (C44.6)
  • Lower limb and hip (C44.7)
  • Scrotum (C63.2)

Regional Lymph Nodes (Figs. 322, 323)

The regional lymph nodes are those appropriate to the site of the primary tumour.

Unilateral Tumours

  • Head, neck: Ipsilateral preauricular, submandibular, cervical, and supraclavicular lymph nodes
  • Thorax: Ipsilateral axillary lymph nodes
  • Upper limb: Ipsilateral epitrochlear and axillary lymph nodes
  • Abdomen, loins, and buttocks: Ipsilateral inguinal lymph nodes
  • Lower limb: Ipsilateral popliteal and inguinal lymph nodes
  • Anal margin and perianal skin: Ipsilateral inguinal lymph nodes

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