Prevention of Viral Hepatitis

Prevention of Viral Hepatitis

Zhi Q. Yao


  • Since hepatitis A is transmitted primarily by the fecal-oral route, on contaminated hands, or in food and water sources, personal hygiene is critical in prevention of viral spread.

  • An inactivated HAV vaccine was licensed in 1995, and the FDA recommends that all children should be vaccinated starting at 1 year of age.

  • HAV vaccine efficacy after two doses is 94% to 100%, with protection lasting for at least 20 years.

  • Emergency prevention of hepatitis A consists of hepatitis A immune globulin and hepatitis A vaccine, which should be given to all nonimmune contacts exposed to an infected person.

  • Persons at high risk should also be vaccinated

    • Chronic liver disease

    • Men who have sex with men

    • Travelers to areas of high incidence

Hepatitis A Vaccine Adult Schedule






1 mL IM

0 and 6-12 months


1 mL IM

0 and 6-18 months

Twinrix (Hep A/Hep B)

1 mL IM in deltoid

0, 1, and 6 months

Alternative schedule: 0, 7 days, 21-30 days, and 1 year


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