17: Malaria Vectors

Definition: Malaria is transmitted to humans by female mosquitoes of the genus Anopheles. Anopheles are widely distributed and although there are over 450 formally identified species, only around 30–40 are considered important in the transmission of malaria to humans. The maps opposite show the distribution of some important Anopheles species (or species complexes). These maps encompass both expert opinions of species range and species occurrence records collected from searches of published literature. The bottom right panel shows the distribution of 34 dominant or potentially important Anopheles species (or species complexes). These maps depict areas of potential malaria receptivity rather than current malaria presence, since the socioeconomic development or malaria control may have eliminated malaria risk from some of the areas depicted. It is important to note that the species distribution and density of Anopheles is heterogeneous at relatively small spatial scales, and maps that attempt to show species distribution at large scales are an oversimplification.


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